Real estate in the North Okanagan region continued to show strong performance through March 2021.

Realtors listed 485 new properties in March, for a total inventory of 774 properties in the North Okanagan area (Reference: AIR). A total of 381 properties were sold during March 2021, for a total value of $208,777,969 (Canadian Dollars).

160 of the 381 properties sold were residential properties, totaling a value of $104,650,194 for residential sales. Residential property sales therefore accounted for 50% of all transaction dollars during March 2021. Residential sales in March 2021 were also up over February 2021, when 67 residential properties were sold (valued at $66,318,636).

There were 208 new residential listings in March 2021. At the end of the month, inventory of available listings was 191 total residential listings. The average days-to-sell was 52 days, for an average price of $654,064 (median price of $606,500).

These stats (and more) from The Association of Interior REALTORS® – Market Statistics

March Real Estate - North Okanagan - Tyler Rands